Welcome Children to Church the Right Way With These Tiny Steps

Children are an important part of the church as future active members and leaders. As such, their development within the institutions is taken seriously. For that purpose, The Gospel Coalition’s Megan Hill talked about some of the ways how churches can welcome children to church.

Megan Hill of The Gospel Coalition talked about the growth and experience of her children when it comes to church. She said that because of the spiritual care that it provided, her now teenage boys are still connected and highly active within the church.

Make them Feel Seen

The author talked about the importance of giving children proper attention through gestures such as smiling, looking them in the eye, saying hi, and getting down on their level. Even with this, the author reminded the church workers and leaders that even with such, it is important to give the children their personal space.

She added that it is also necessary for the church workers to know about the names and interests of the children. Also, to make sure that those kids that are shy get the attention that they need.

Value the Children

Hill also said that it’s important for the church workers to make the children feel that they are valued. This can come in the form of small treats, listening to the stories of the children, giving high-fives and fist bumps, as well as teaching them the importance of asking for forgiveness by doing it when necessary.

Also, it’s important to give proper greetings and farewells to the children so that they would feel that they are welcome to come again.

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Support the Children

The church workers are also advised by Hill to help kids by making sure that they notice those children that need additional care. This includes visiting children, those who look lost, those with allergies, and those with special needs.

Beyond all this, Hill says that it is important for the church workers to ask the kids, ‘How can I pray for you?’ the kids. Additionally, the children should be followed up the next week to show them that they are supported by the church.

Engage and Make the Kids Feel Useful

As future church workers and leaders, it is also important for the children to feel that they are already active members of the church. First and foremost, Hill recommends asking the children to help with small tasks such as moving chairs and picking up trash after the service. Further, the church can also assign church kids as guides to visiting children.

During this time, Hill says that the church worker or leader should ensure that the children are properly encouraged and complimented for their deeds.

Importance of Children in the Bible

Jesus Christ Himself puts great importance on children in the Bible. This is best illustrated in the passage where Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.’

In the Bible, both the Old and New Testament, there are also memory verses that talk about the importance of raising children in God. Further, it even has guides for parents on how they should bring up a child.

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