Pennsylvania Democrats Propose Bill Forcing Parents to Take ‘Vaccine Education Course’ For Opting Out of School Mandates – American Faith

Pennsylvania Democrats are facing backlash after proposing a bill that would require parents seeking a school vaccine exemption to complete an approved vaccine education course first.

If passed, Senate bill 390 would mandate parents seeking vaccine mandate exemptions for their children on religious or moral grounds to review “scientifically accepted information prescribed by the Department of Health on the benefits and risks of immunization” and submit a form certified by a medical professional.

Keystone State mom Megan Brock joined “Fox & Friends First” to push back on left’s efforts to “control” the younger generation.

“I think that Democrats really like control,” Brock told Todd Piro Thursday. “I saw that even in my own local county, our Democrat commissioners made every single employee of the county get the COVID vaccine, or they were going to lose their job.” 

“So I think that there is a real push right now in Pennsylvania, across this country, from Democrats to control our children and to control the decisions we make for our children,” she continued. 

The current state policy only requires parents write a signed letter explaining why they are seeking a vaccine exemption. It does not require a medical professional’s sign-off or any education-based requirement. 

Brock argued the change in policy is an “attack” on both parental rights and the critical First Amendment right the U.S. was founded upon – freedom of religion.

“It’s an attack on parental rights, it’s an attack on religious freedom… these are attacks we’re seeing in schools across the country,” Brock said. 

“I think there’s no reason that any person should have to give an explanation or attend an education session to explain a religious decision they made on behalf of their children,” she continued. “It’s just crazy.”

Pennsylvania Democrat State Sen. Judith Schwank defended her decision to sponsor the legislation, citing broader health concerns within the community.

“I believe we can enhance health safety while maintaining our tradition of respect for religious beliefs and moral convictions by making sure parents receive accurate medical information before granting exemptions,” she wrote on her campaign website.

But Brock was not convinced the measure was proposed in the best interest of America’s most vulnerable, issuing a stark warning on how the Democrats’ effort to “control” families could be indicative of a societal shift.

“When we look historically at how dictators or communist countries run, they go for our children,” Brock said. “That’s what they want. They want to control our children because they know if you control the next generation, then you control everything.”

“And so it’s really our job as parents to be involved in our communities and our local government and to push back when we see an effort to control our kids,” she continued. 

No state, including Pennsylvania, has mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for students. Only the District of Columbia has a mandate in place, according to National Academy for State Health Policy data. Twenty-one states have banned COVID-19 student vaccine mandates for students.

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