Former Drug Dealer Shares His Journey on Turning Into A Church Leader

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A former drug dealer named Pastor Adem Guneyi recently shared his testimony about returning to God’s arms. The pastor of Freedom Centre also addresses the controversies in their congregation.

Life Journey

According to Stuff, when he was 22 years old, Pastor Adem Guneyi encountered Jesus while working as a security guard at Melbourne Airport and selling drugs in nightclubs throughout the city.

As mentioned, Pastor Adem’s father was Turkish, and his mother was Italian. He had spent his childhood as a non-practicing Muslim; however, Pastor Adem went over the deep end in his teens.

He noted that his friends were all nice but were up to no good. In Melbourne, they went to a few nightclubs regularly, and some of the most prominent drug dealers in those nightclubs.

The pastor was reportedly hooked on various drugs, including marijuana use about four or five times a week, speed, cocaine, and just about everything else. Moreover, despite his activities, Pastor Adam claims he was never found guilty of anything.

He initially made fun of his coworkers when they tried to convert him to Christianity, but he eventually became interested. On the other hand, there came a day when Pastor Adem said to himself, “God if you’re real, prove it.”

Later that day, he reportedly spoke to someone while performing duties on the airport’s surveillance explosives detecting machine. The man said, “I want you to know that God heard your prayer before.” It reportedly melted his heart, and he returned to the church. 

The following Sunday, Pastor Adem got baptized at what was formerly known as the Innerlife location of the Freedom Centre in Melbourne. The pastor mentioned that it was a significant shift in perspective, and he could kick all his addictions. He also met Grace Thomas, granddaughter of the church’s founder Neil Thomas while taking leadership training and got married in 2012.

On the other hand, Adem and Grace Guneyi, who currently serve as lead pastors at the Freedom Centre location in New Zealand, are not afraid to shy away from discussing the church’s history of scandal. They discuss it frankly and commit to making themselves better by studying the mistakes of others and their own.

As per Freedom Centre, due to the power of Jesus, Pastor Adem was redeemed from a life of drug use and criminal activity, and he underwent a complete transformation. At the same time, Pastor Grace was brought up in the church and went through a personal transition that led her to a personal relationship with Jesus throughout her time there.

The couple simultaneously exudes the enthusiasm of the Holy Spirit. It is driven by an intense desire to witness others undergo a radical change in their lives as a direct result of their encounter with Jesus.

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God’s Second Chance

According to Got Questions, Peter, Jonah, Mark, Samson, and David are only some examples of Bible people who were given a second chance or even a third or fourth chance by God. He desires His children to be patient and forgiving toward one another, just as He is patient and forgiving toward them.

To encourage individuals to turn from their sins and return to him, God extends grace and new opportunities in every humanly feasible way. However, if people persist in turning their backs on Him, the offer will be taken away, and once a person dies, there will be no more opportunities. Grace is a model that people follow, and individuals grant second chances to one another until it is no longer possible for them to have a good relationship.

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