Christians Celebrate Mass at Corinth Baptist Church Following Destructive Tornado to Show Gratitude Since ‘No Life was Lost’

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After a recent destructive tornado that ripped through Hosford, Florida, Christians gathered at Corinth Baptist Church to celebrate mass to thank God for sparing their community from any loss of life.

Destructive Tornado at Hosford

On Thursday, Apr. 27, National Weather Service in Tallahassee stated that an EF2 tornado with speeds of up to 125 miles per hour had swept through Hosford.

News Channel 7 reported that the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deployed its mobile command station to assist the community. According to its Chief Deputy, Dusty Arnold, the vast majority of the affected region was in the Hosford community. Volunteers also clear trash and distribute supplies to those affected by the disaster.

Moreover, officials from the National Weather Service urge members of the general public to ensure they have numerous channels to get warnings about tornadoes. It is likely the deciding factor in whether or not someone lives or dies.

As per Fox Weather, a video captured by storm tracker Michael Gordon revealed destroyed homes and debris clogging streets in the community located approximately an hour’s drive from Tallahassee. 

As mentioned, there were multiple reports of hail and damaging winds in the Florida Panhandle, and at least one tornado was confirmed to have made landfall in the region. The initial reports did not indicate that any storms had caused severe injuries.

However, there is a significant number of debris as well as downed electrical wires in the region. A power outage reportedly affected approximately 80 percent of Liberty County, and the neighborhood energy supplier could not estimate when all residents will once again have access to electricity. On the other hand, the destructive tornado has no reports of any missing or injured pupils from the Hosford school. 

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Celebration of Mass After Destructive Tornado

A report from WTXL stated that the storm on Thursday, Apr. 27, caused some damage to the residence of Max Kelly. Fortunately, the Kelly family was not in their house when the tornado passed through the area. Damage was done to their home, including tearing off some of the sidings, cutting down trees, and breaking three windows.

He and his wife Sandra went to the Sunday church service on Apr. 30, so they could think over the events of the past few days. According to him, the sermon’s message struck a chord with him.

According to Senior Pastor Kyle Peddie, who also works as the Superintendent of Liberty County Schools, the community is thankful that no lives were taken in the incident.

Pastor Peddie believes that the neighborhood functions as a single large family and that this is demonstrated by the fact that residents look out for one another in times of crisis like the one that occurred on Thursday, Apr. 27.

“If people had a tractor with a front-end load or a dump truck or a dump trailer they showed up in yards. I was on a chainsaw most of the day with my son and it was amazing how people come in your yard and say what do you need me to do?” he asserted.

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