LGBTQ+ Nonprofit Ignores Parental Consent, Sneaks Sexualized Curriculum Into Classrooms: Project Veritas – American Faith

Originally published September 14, 2023 2:00 pm PDT

A recent undercover investigation conducted by Project Veritas has unveiled claims regarding the surreptitious tactics employed by HiTOPS, a youth-centric nonprofit focusing on LGBTQ+ and sexual education.

The organization allegedly sneaks sexually oriented curriculums into selected New Jersey schools, bypassing parental consent.

Lisa Shelby, the Executive Director of HiTOPS, was recorded saying, “There’s a mandate for racial justice and inclusivity” and “sometimes that’s how we get through.”

This implies that the nonprofit may be capitalizing on mandatory classes, like the ‘Pathway to Racial Literacy,’ to introduce their three-day sexual education course to minors without the knowledge of parents.

Hannah Wiers, a HiTOPS Health Educator, was more explicit in her intent.

She mentioned, “So … a note would get sent home and say… ‘next week we’re talking about anatomy, or you know, gender identity.’ And a parent could send a form back saying, ‘you have to pull my child.’ And so… I think our real goal would be to make sure that that opt out doesn’t exist.”

Interestingly, Wiers discussed the use of school-issued laptops to directly communicate with the students.

“They all have school-issued…laptops,” she said. “Which can be nice because then they can send out…a google form. Like, remind me what name you like to be called. Remind me what pronouns you like to use.”

When questioned by the undercover journalist whether this communication bypassed parents, Wiers confirmed, “That’s what we encourage staff to do, yes.”

Information available on the HiTOPS website outlines their curriculum, which encompasses “LGBTQ+ History, Intersectionality, Gender Identity and Gender Expression.”

Wiers further informed the undercover journalist that schools such as Johnson Park Elementary, Princeton Middle School, Trenton Ninth Grade Academy, and Christina Seix Academy in New Jersey are currently collaborating with HiTOPS.

The report also touched upon HiTOPS’ recent transition, with Wiers admitting that while they started off as a traditional sexual education organization, they have evolved to do more “affirming work” regarding gender identity and gender expression.

However, this covert approach has not been without controversy.

Wiers shared that several institutions have severed ties with HiTOPS due to parental objections.

She stated, “These topics of gender identity, preferred pronouns, and similar sensitive themes are controversial.”

Project Veritas has affirmed its dedication to unearthing undisclosed curriculums in schools across the nation.

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