Democrat Rep. Suggests Removing Statue of Liberty as Display of ‘Bigoted’ GOP Border Policies – American Faith

Democrat Rep. Max Frost (FL) announced that he has drafted a bill to remove the Statue of Liberty to combat the GOP’s border security policies.

According to Frost, the statue is a “symbol that tells people to come here.”

“To my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, let’s be honest with immigrants that deserve better than what you’re offering them,” he said. “Don’t welcome immigrants if you plan to reject them.”

He called the Republican effort to secure the border “bigoted.”

“If you keep pushing your bigoted HR2 bill, then also pass this bill,” he stated. “I’ve taken the liberty of drafting it for you. It removes the Statue of Liberty, our largest symbol that tells people to come here.”

“This is who you are, removing the fabric of America,” he added. “So I wanna know, which Republican who supports and voted for HR2 will introduce this bill?”

HR2, or “Secure the Border Act,” passed in the House by a vote of 219-213.

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