5 Lies Women Believe about Their Role in Their Jobs

There has been much development and significant strides regarding women in the workforce. Partly due to the feminist movement, but more recently, the uptick of women landing in the office is mainly due in part to the repercussions of the pandemic. 

The statistics are not as alarming or shocking when we consider that more and more women are returning to work to help cover costs and support their families as the price of everyday essential items continues to rise. Women who may not have been ready to return to work are now feeling somewhat pressured to do so. Meanwhile, other working women strive to meet unrealistic expectations and defeat the odds to achieve goals to sustain their current way of living.

What is interesting, though, is that the upcoming and emerging generation of women have shown strength and courage while being bold and ambitious. Within the last five years, studies reveal more women gaining a bachelor’s degree over men and taking on more full-time positions that once generally belonged to their male counterparts. 

Currently, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are seeing a considerable number of women even taking on management positions in these industries. This should be a cause to celebrate women being used in powerful ways to make a difference, allowing men and women to collaborate as each brings different talents and gifts to the office table. 

Yet, with this massive influx of women returning to the workforce, the enemy has once again weaseled his way in and fanned the flames of insecurity and confusion. The truth of the matter is that women have always been the target, all the while knowing that if the “crown of creation” (Genesis 2:22) is manipulated, it can cause a rift in all mankind.

So, let’s address and confront the lies working women believe and replace them with truth. Yes, God has much to say about our roles as women, even in the workplace.

Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/Delmaine Donson

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