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(LifeSiteNews) — Last week Tucker Carlson descended upon the great province of Alberta and delivered a series of talks to the Canadian public. The lead-up to his aptly named “Sworn Enemy Tour” caused a bit of a stir after Carlson released a promo video where he said he was coming to “liberate Canada” from Justin Trudeau. 

The video was, of course, posted in jest, as there is no evidence that Carlson intended literally to liberate Canada in any fashion, but the Canadian Left could not help but have a melt-down. 

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Liberal Transport Minister, Pablo Rodriguez demonstrated his typical whiney leftist politicking by calling on Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to “condemn” Carlson’s tour. 

“He [Poilievre] should have the courage to condemn [Carlson]” he told a reporter in Ottawa. Rodriguez was asked what he made of the fact that “there is an audience” for Carlson in Canada. Without hesitation, Rodriguez resorted to epithets and gaslighting by labelling Carlson’s message as “extreme right.” “Don’t ask the question if it’s coming to Canada,” he continued, referring to “extreme right politics,” as he believes it is already here. Of course, Carlson is not a “far-right” commentator has his political views are technically of the “classic liberal” variety, if we are being specific. But, to a Leftist, anything right of Mao is “literally hate speech.” 

Not to be outdone in lunacy, the Toronto Star published a cartoon that demonstrated the stunning and brave creativity that only an unhinged leftist could muster. 

According to the Star cartoonist, Carlson brought the worst characteristics of human nature with him when he entered the country. You see, for the Left, Carlson is a hateful liar who is also racist. In addition, he is both misogynistic and sexist, which is amazing, because they both essentially mean the same thing, and that means Carlson must be super-duper sexist. The cartoon does, however, represent a missed opportunity as it could have labelled Carlson as homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic. You would think that a propaganda rag would try and be a little more precise if it was going to paint Carlson as the worst human being in history. But perhaps the Carlson derangement syndrome was so strong that the cartoonist was simply seething with too much righteous anger and tolerance to produce a more thoughtful cartoon. 

At any rate, if we take the Left’s word for it, do the Marxist comments and reactions to Carlson even reflect what he said during his stops in Calgary and Edmonton? 

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Laugh at your Enemies 

At the outset of his Calgary speech, much to the chagrin of his haters, he spent about 4 minutes regaling the audience with how much he loves Canada. “This country is the prettiest country I have ever been in,” he said. “Prettier than Switzerland,” he added. I say, these seem like egregiously hateful remarks for a foreigner to make about Canada. I mean, this man must be a literal Nazi. In true Hitlerian fashion, he expressed a clear alt-right dog-whistle with the audacious claim that Canadians are incredibly polite. The horror! 

After getting a few laughs from the audience while making jokes about dogsledding and Molson, he got to the heart of his speech. 

Carlson told the audience that to fight leftist totalitarianism it is necessary to “laugh at your enemies.” The crux of the first portion of his speech was that the Canadian Liberals are an absurd people who take themselves too seriously, even though their leader is a man who galivants around in ridiculous costumes while on international tours, and who calls right-wing Canadians racist even though it is Trudeau who has the habit of dressing up in blackface.  

Referring to the Left he said, “They’re ludicrous, and it’s really important to say that because it saps their power.” 

If we consider the ludicrous reaction from the Canadian Liberals to his presence in Alberta, we must concede that Carlson is exactly correct. The man had barely stepped foot on Canadian soil and politicians were demanding that Conservative politicians officially denounce his presence. 

I am reminded of a timeless quote about Satan from Saint Thomas More, who said: “The devil…the proud spirit…cannot endure to be mocked.” Just like Satan, the Luciferian Liberals become bug-eyed and indignant the moment you laugh at their ridiculousness. Referring to Trudeau who he labelled a “weird little cross-dresser” who is “showing up to a costume party when no one else is,” he said that Canadians should “laugh at him until you can’t breathe.” 

The Liberals Want to Kill Your Children 

Carlson said that the Liberals have implemented a “destruction of you, and your culture, and your beliefs, and your children.” To prove his point about the liberals in Canada — whether they are card-carrying Liberals or supporters of the NDP — he brought up the fact that left-wing governments in Canada have been handing out fentanyl to minors. Carlson wasn’t lying, as Canada’s public health apparatus has been publicly funding drug-use centres in BC where fentanyl is given to anyone, regardless of age 

Carlson was right to point this out as an example of utter madness by Canadian Leftists who believe that doing things like giving addictive narcotics to minors will somehow work toward what they call “harm reduction.” 

At the risk of sounding like an unsophisticated person, I should say that if you believe that giving medical-grade heroin to children is a good policy, you are a complete idiot and should be thrown in a rubber room. You are not only a moron, but you are dangerous and should be put on some sort of registry so parents can be notified when the likes of you are in the neighborhood. These whacked-out Leftists should be wearing ankle bracelets that ping GPS notifications every time they are within 300 feet of a playground. Only a completely insane and deranged human being possessed by the spirit of Hell could ever think that such a policy is sensible, let alone sane. 

“If someone’s giving fentanyl to your children, what’s the message of that?” Carlson asked the audience. “Well, they’re trying to kill your children.” 

“Try that crap in Bulgaria, try that in Serbia,” he said. “How do you think that would fly in Serbia? ‘We’re just going to give little Voldak some fentanyl.’ You wouldn’t even get to the next sentence before you got shot, because you are trying to kill someone’s kids.”  

Tucker Carlson has the parrhesia of a prophet   

If you are unaware of what the term “parrhesia” means, it is a Greek word used to describe the virtues of the Biblical prophets: those of the Old Testament, as well as John the Baptist. It is a virtue wherein one not only speaks the truth freely and without reserve but refers to the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk. While I am not heralding Carlson as a religious prophet — he is an Episcopalian, after all — I must unabashedly applaud the man for speaking the truth with the utmost clarity. While there are many more things that Carlson spoke of in his talks, including the one in Edmonton which was longer but contained much of the same message, his fearless distillation of truth can be boiled down to a few sentences he said near the end of his talk. 

Referencing the jailing of Christian leaders during COVID and the burning of churches that have been seemingly supported by Trudeau and his ilk, he said: “If you think that preaching the Gospel is so dangerous that the people who do it need to be in prison… you’re serving someone other than the people of Canada, if you know what I mean.” What Carlson is saying here is that the Liberals serve Satan, and they do.  

“I don’t care how much they dress it up in the passive-aggressive, self-help language of the modern Left,” he said, because such language, according to Carlson, is euphemistic for “hard-edged fascism.”  

“When they show up, and they’re therapists with advanced degrees, and they look at you in the face and say, ‘Well actually little Dillon just needs more fentanyl, little Dillon’s actually a girl… and if you don’t agree well, maybe we may have to remove Dillon to more care affirming custody.’” 

Rightly so, Carlson deciphered this leftist double-speak — hypothetical in the context of the talk, but all too believably — by saying: “Oh, you’re going to take my kid away because I don’t want to castrate him.” 

Carlson added that the Left will “never say that, of course, because clear language is their enemy… they are not people who are trying to help you, they are people who are trying to hurt you.” 

 Every word of what Carlson said on this topic is exactly correct. We can only judge a man by his actions, ultimately, because words are tricky and demons cheat with words as a general rule. When they kept liquor stores and abortion mills open but closed churches and small businesses during lockdowns, we know that this meant that their policies were geared toward harming the average person, especially Christians, while appeasing the alcoholic and medical hitman. When they used the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy — which has happily been ruled unjustified by a federal court — but did nothing to deal with the national emergency of the burning of dozens of churches across the country, we knew that like Nero, they want the Church of Christ to burn and to control you to the point of a needle.  

They are insane and are a stain on the history of this great country, and may God bless Tucker Carlson for saying what every Canadian should be shouting from the rooftops.  

It’s funny, isn’t it, that the Left seemed to avoid dealing with any of Carlson’s actual statements in their pathetic meltdowns. Maybe it is because they know that everything Carlson said about them is true. 

Kennedy Hall is an Ontario based journalist for LifeSiteNews. He is married with children and has a deep love for literature and political philosophy. He is the author of Terror of Demons: Reclaiming Traditional Catholic Masculinity, a non-fiction released by TAN books, and Lockdown with the Devil, a fiction released by Our Lady of Victory Press. He writes frequently for Crisis Magazine, Catholic Family News, and is on the editorial board at OnePeterFive.

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