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Let me ask you a personal question: How much spider-monkey poop is still caked on the walls of your brain?

Relax, it’s just between us. Just go ahead and take a quick inventory. How many of the lies the primates in our media hurled inside your mind stuck to the walls and dried there? Do you even recognize them as lies, or have you accepted those irregular brown stains as “a pleasing pattern” or “a fun postmodern desert-camo that goes pretty well with my drapes”?

Don’t feel bad. Hosing down those walls and sanitizing them isn’t your job. It’s ours, and we’re more than willing to do it. There are millions of busy, well-meaning people out there who still on some level believe, in an unexamined way, one or more of the following clots of nonsense, disinformation, or slander.

Not One of Those Claims Is True

Is any of that still rattling around in your brain? Well, none of it is true, not in the tiniest particular. Each of those claims is a lie that was pumped into your mind by our lazy, corrupt media, who are no more “independent” than the state media outlets in China or North Korea. If you’d read about any of those subjects here at The Stream, you would have learned the truth. In fact, we were among the first outlets in the country with the chutzpah to publish the truth on each one of those controversial topics.

But now I’m going to confess something to you: My mind is also unclean. At least it was, for many months. On one such crucial subject I wasn’t paying attention, so I forgot to assume that whatever MSNBC or Fox (no, there’s not an appreciable difference) is saying is almost certainly false. I just picked up a factoid and didn’t look at it too carefully. And for that I’d like to apologize, personally, to the man about whom I believed a pack of hateful lies spawned in the ninth circle of our infernal, dictatorial Deep State: General Mike Flynn.

I Drank the Kool-Aid, Too

At one point, having seen endless media reports to that effect, I believed that Flynn had indeed done something mildly illegal: lobbied for the Turkish government without duly registering as a foreign agent. I never thought he deserved to be fired for that, much less to face prison time. Much less to be forced into a guilty plea to save his son from being imprisoned too. But I did think, “Hmm … kind of shady. Well he was a lifelong Democrat …”

And that was wrong. In fact, virtually everything you’ve read, heard, or seen about Flynn except on “alternative” media such as Tucker Carlson or Revolver News or Steve Bannon’s War Room was not just wrong. It was vicious slander, State-sponsored disinformation akin to the fake child sex abuse claims that the Polish Communists used to spread about innocent, patriotic priests.

I learned the truth gradually, watching the monstrous show-trial Flynn endured, for manufactured offenses, after the Deep State lost bowel control at the prospect of him coming in as National Security Advisor under Trump, with the power and the knowledge to root out its systemic rot. So they made up a set of crimes to accuse him of, roped in GOP hacks Reince Priebus and Mike Pence to mau-mau Trump into firing him, then tried to send Flynn and his son to prison for decades.

That’s how vicious and ruthless our intelligence community is. They’re far more dangerous and hostile to us than any terrorists, cartels, or even foreign spy agency against whom they claim to protect us. If they can’t be padlocked and fumigated, we’d literally be better off without them. They are our KGB.

Our One-Party CIA State

As The Stream has documented, since the passage of the Patriot Act these agencies have become the fourth and highest branch of government, unaccountable to the other three. That’s right: we are ruled by spies, and if you threaten their power they will break any law, invent any lies, to try to destroy your life and your family.

Mike Benz explained in ruthless detail to Tucker Carlson how these agencies censor and filter our media, to the point of ordering Facebook to censor coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop, to maintain the lie cooked up by a dozen (bipartisan!) Deep State veterans that it was “Russian disinformation.” That lie alone might have swung the election — and why not? Our agencies have made it their business to control the media and rig the elections in dozens of other countries for decades. With the fall of the Soviet Union, conservatives and Christians replaced the commies as their target.

The powerful new movie Flynn, now streaming on Salem Media, digs deep and offers a core sample of the putrid, contagious rot that infects such agencies from top to bottom. It shows how General Flynn fell afoul of the Deep State way back in the Obama administration for exposing the incompetence that got American soldiers slaughtered on foreign battlefields. Obama fired him, and went on to slander him to the incoming Donald Trump, warning that Flynn was somehow a threat to America. He was a threat to some Americans, all right — to the elitist leftists whom Obama had seeded throughout the entire intel community.

This film interviews Flynn, his family, his former colleagues, his friends, and members of the heroic legal team led by Sidney Powell — which took over after Flynn realized his first set of lawyers were throwing him under the bus to keep on the right side of the FBI and the CIA.

Sadly, my good friend Sidney could not appear in the film because she’s still the prime target for a campaign of vicious lawfare intended to bankrupt or drive her to suicide. But she’s standing strong, and so is Flynn. So is Donald Trump. And John Eastman. And so are the dozens of patriots still in prison for non-crimes or misdemeanors on January 6, while rioters from 2020 collect settlements from police who tried to restrain them, and Jew-hating mobs trash statues of American war veterans and our Founders, totally unpunished.

Even as Flynn criss-crosses America for showings of this powerful film that have the feel of patriotic revivals, he has been slapped with a fresh set of subpoenas by his vindictive enemies in the government.

You need to see this movie to really understand how profoundly evil our most powerful institutions are. And how world-changing the next election in November could really be.

John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or coauthor of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. His newest book is No Second Amendment, No First.

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