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(LifeSiteNews) — In what may be one of the most bizarre – and most disturbing – mainstream media articles of the week, the Kansas City Star published a glowing profile of convicted sex trafficker “Ayana Satyagrahi (Marcus C. Williams) by Katie Moore on May 2 with the title “‘Live my truth’: Transgender woman [sic] fights for rights inside Leavenworth men’s prison.”

The reason for Satyagrahi’s incarceration is only briefly mentioned – the Star notes that in 2012, he “was sentenced to 30 years in a sex trafficking case and has been at several facilities since [his] conviction.” The Star treats Satyagrahi – who, in case you missed it, is a man – as a civil rights martyr boldly standing up for the transgender cause, asking for his opinion on whether the prison system has “made some positive changes” and publishing his critiques as if they are very important perspectives. 

Scott Taylor of the Bureau of Prisons’s Office of Public Affairs – and the Star has ensured that Satyagrahi’s imprisonment is very much a public affair – told the paper that his agency is very “gender-affirming” in its “provision of services” and “takes very seriously its duty to respect the dignity” of prisoners who are “self-identifying as transgender.”  

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The Star portrays Satyagrahi as a victim of a “transphobic” culture. “Satyagrahi was deeply confused about [his] gender identity from a young age,” the Star writes. “[He] was brought up in Black and Baptist cultures in Texas and felt like [he] had to ‘hide who I was.’”

“That was torment,” Satyagrahi complained, with the paper adding that he “questioned if [he] would be accepted, a struggle that forced [him] to fluctuate between [his] two identities.” “[He] started acting out,” the Star noted. “Eventually, Satyagrahi got into the sex industry in hopes that [he] could earn enough money to get on hormones, which [he] began taking in 2004, and undergo surgery.”

If the Star is to be believed, this man essentially started “recruiting women into sex work” – which is a very weird way to describe human trafficking – because of his struggles with gender dysphoria. “I kinda lost my way,” he admitted to the newspaper.  

But the Star swiftly moves on from Satyagrahi’s crimes and instead notes that he has been allegedly assaulted in prison, frequently hears “degrading language,” and has a difficult time “getting female commissary items.”

Other transgender-identified prisoners see him has a force for “change” in the prison, and the Star hails him as a “bright spot.” Unsurprisingly, one of the changes he wants immediately is “pat downs conducted by female officers” and fully-funded “sex change” surgeries. 

Satyagrahi, however, is a very weird choice for civil rights hero – or martyr, for that matter. According to Reduxx, court records and the Department of Justice files reveal that “he was a violent pimp who targeted the most vulnerable women and trapped them [in] the sex trade using violence… According to a 2011 release by the FBI, Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas E. Perez said that Satyagrahi’s exploitation of vulnerable women through sex trafficking was the equivalent of ‘modern-day slavery.’”

Satyagrahi worked out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and eventually “expanded his operations into a multi-state sex trafficking enterprise.”  

To facilitate this, he would “specifically target vulnerable women, specifically single mothers from troubled backgrounds.” According to the FBI, his victims “suffered physical assaults, sexual abuse, and daily degradation,” and that Satyagrahi showed a “callous disregard for them as individuals.” Reduxx reported that: “Satyagrahi required each woman to meet a daily ‘quota,’ giving him all of the money they collected. While Satyagrahi prostituted numerous women over the years, five sex trafficking victims were named in his 2011 indictment, all of whom were single mothers of small children.”  

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Despite the Star’s attempt at portraying the touching transformation of an emerging transgender civil rights icon, Satyagrahi’s behavior in prison indicates no change in his character. In fact, in 2020, he threatened a correctional officer who gave him boxers rather than the feminine underwear he had demanded, stating: “You ain’t gonna’ do nothing for me you f––n’ p––y. When I get out of [special housing] I’m gonna’ whoop your a– you f––n’ cracker.’” Which, I’m sure we can all agree, is not quite “I Have A Dream.” The Kansas City Star should be deeply ashamed. After reading that story, I doubt they still have that ability. 


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