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Happy Mother’s Day to the greatest source of inspiration on earth! Our youngest child, Robin Rochelle Robison Turner, wrote the following devotional for the book Women at the Well. Our beautiful daughter has joined the great host of witnesses in Heaven in the glorious presence of the Lord Jesus. Everywhere she moved during her journey on earth, life sprang up and continues to bear fruit. What a witness and example she was. She has truly left a legacy of life. I pray you are blessed by what she shared.

– James and Betty Robison

When I was a young girl, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. As far back as I can remember, I would tell them I wanted to be a wife and mother. I even dressed up as a homemaker for career day in the ninth grade. I chose this as my career, and I think it’s the most rewarding job there is.

But in spite of my strong maternal instincts, there are days when I feel as if I’m fighting a losing battle when it comes to training my children. Despite numerous, sometimes valiant efforts to correct undesirable behavior in my irresistible offspring, I find myself transformed into a parental Rocky — back in the ring and going the distance with a recurring problem.

Then something will happen to remind me that maybe all my effort and prayers are not in vain after all. One day when my children were small, I became very frustrated with them. My impatience grew by the minute and peaked when one of the boys dripped a trail of juice up the stairs. He knew he was supposed to keep his juice in the kitchen, but evidently my bad attitude had rubbed off on him… as well as the other children.

As I was putting folded laundry away, slamming the dresser drawers shut and grumbling under my breath, Christopher, one of my boys, looked at me with his big blue eyes and said, “Mom, you’re not rejoicing in the Lord always!” Well, that woke me up! This was the same verse I had often quoted to the children, and now it was coming back to me – from the mouth of my babe.

I turned to Christopher and got down on my knees. “You’re right, Son,” I said. “Mommy needs to ask God’s forgiveness, and I need to ask your forgiveness too.”

Wrapping his sweet little arms around my neck, he gave me a tight squeeze. “That’s okay, Mommy. I forgive you.”

Then, by an act of my will, I chose to change my attitude and be joyful. As a result, I had a much better day, and my children became more joyful too.

Later that day I realized my young son had showed signs of spiritual sensitivity – what all Christian parents hope to instill in their children. And I felt blessed to be witnessing it in Christopher at such a young age. That day God spoke to me through my son and showed me not only what I needed to change but also a truth that warms any mother’s heart: that my children really are hearing what I’m teaching.

Even though motherhood doesn’t pay a salary, it pays in ways that far exceed a paycheck. Whenever my children learn something new – whether it’s tying their shoes, sharing a toy without a fight, or growing in their love for Jesus each day – it’s like a promotion for me.

As with any job, I have days I would love to sleep in or quit, but then my kids do or say the sweetest thing and my heart melts. I’m inspired again to get up and keep going. It’s as if God, as my boss, gives me unexpected bonuses through the hugs and hearts of my children. He gave me this job; He knows I can handle it, and He sends encouragement when I need it most.

I’m learning that motherhood is about seeing crumbs on the floor and spots on the mirror… but leaving them while you play a game with your children or create a pint-sized masterpiece with colored paper, scissors and glue. My house may not be perfectly kept. But I hope my children will remember that I made a haven of our home — and that I loved my job.


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