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(LifeSiteNews) — The definition of antisemitism may now include the New Testament and Christianity, following the expansion of its legal meaning in the U.S. Congress.

The Antisemitism Awareness Act was passed by the House on May 1 by 320 votes to 91 and has been sent up to the Senate. Initially introduced in October 2023, it was said to “address antisemitism on school campuses.” However, even the Washington Post has echoed claims it is simply a bill to “silence criticism of Israel.”

It may now be antisemitic to say so. As we shall see, this is no accident.

This report documents what has been termed by Jewish writers, journalists, and scholars as the abuse of the term “antisemitism” – and the use of the Holocaust – to shield Israel from criticism.

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What we are seeing, they argue, is the power of an “antisemitism industry,” which does not serve the interests of Jews but of “Western elites.”

It is a dirty business, and its influence is destroying the foundations of Western democracy at the behest of what one Jewish writer called “antisemitism witchfinder generals.”

The story of this lucrative witch hunt begins with an attack on the U.S. Constitution. It ends, as so many tales of elite corruption do, with the promotion of an industry of death.

This is the story of how everything became “antisemitic.”

Bill ‘violates U.S. Constitution’

According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Antisemitism Awareness Act violates the First Amendment of the Constitution – on two counts.

The same First Amendment that prohibits the government from infringing upon speech also prohibits it from compelling speech.

Napolitano, who has written nine books on the U.S. Constitution, published this piece on May 16.

He says the bill not only prohibits “antisemitism” but compels speakers to add real-life “community notes” according to the new terms and conditions of speech.

He points out:

Under this bill, if any person affiliated with any educational institution criticizes the government of Israel, the person must also criticize another government.

If a discussion in a lecture hall addresses the history of Zionism, it must also address the history of other racial and religious movements. If it criticizes Zionism, it must criticize others also.

The bill has a working definition of “antisemitism” which comes from what one Jewish journalist has termed “The Antisemitism Industry.”

“The Antisemitism Industry doesn’t speak for Jews. It speaks for western elites,” said Nazareth-based journalist Jonathan Cook, writing in March 2024.

In his piece, he recalls the treatment of fellow Jewish critics of Israeli atrocities such as Professor Norman Finkelstein.

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Finkelstein explained in a 2016 interview why “antisemitism” initiatives keep reappearing.

These campaigns occur at regular intervals, correlating with Israel’s periodic massacres and consequent political isolation.

It can happen only because we let Western establishments foist on us these Antisemitism Industry charlatans and conmen. It is time to listen to the people who care about humanity, not the people who care about their status and their wallets.

Finkelstein’s controversial stance appears to have been buttressed by new advice to the U.K. Parliament.

A recent report submitted to U.K. MPs of all parties now categorizes all “conspiracy theories” as “antisemitic.” Why is this a problem?

Most people believe they are true.

The U.K. antisemitism industry

According to the recent report by the U.K.’s “Antisemitism Policy Trust”:

Conspiracy theories appear to be taking hold in Britain. A 2018 study found that 60% of the British public believe at least one conspiracy theory.

This organization, which exists to place “antisemitism” at the center of British politics and lawmaking, said the problem also exists in the U.S.

A more recent study found that in the US, nearly half of 13- to 17-year-olds believe in at least four conspiracy statements, including believing in deep state, climate change conspiracies and anti-vaccine conspiracies.

Why are rising public concerns about the Deep State, the climate agenda, and the so-called vaccines “concerning”?

These findings are particularly concerning as believing in one conspiracy theory is a strong predictor of adopting additional conspiracies in the future.

According to the report’s introduction, all conspiracies lead to antisemitism. Check their graphic, handed to U.K. lawmakers as guidance, to see how “antisemitic” YOU are:

Screenshot, “Conspiracy Theories: A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates,” Arieh Kovler, pg. 10

This advice reframes critics and skeptics of the main policies of Western liberal governments as antisemites. Naturally, it applies to anyone willing to defend freedom of speech.

Screenshot, “Conspiracy Theories: A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates,” Arieh Kovler, pg. 21

According to the report, Elon Musk is an antisemite for sharing this meme about the “Current Thing” – a satirical depiction of a mindless human following government propaganda crazes such as sexualized extremism and support for the war in Ukraine.

U.K. policitian David Kurten was branded an antisemitic conspiracy theorist for posting this poll:

Screenshot, “Conspiracy Theories: A Guide for Members of Parliament and Candidates,” Arieh Kovler, pg. 21

Kurten is an outspoken critic of the lockdown regime, the “vaccines,” and has openly questioned the official narrative of the proxy war in Ukraine for over two years.

The report folds in criticism of mainstream media narratives such as that over Ukraine into its map of “antisemitism.”

In a list of “evidence,” the APT cites another February 2022 post from the Christian leader of the Heritage Party in the U.K.

In it, Kurten says, “I don’t believe a word of what is coming out of the Western media and Western regimes.”

He goes on to pair the propaganda efforts seen under lockdown with those then-emerging over Ukraine.

It’s astounding that after two years of being lied to, deceived, our nations being decimated, people being arrested for walking the park, vaccine coercion… everyone is now prepared to believe all of these regimes and the mainstream media over Ukraine.

Given the now disastrous state of Ukraine and the failure of the war to collapse Russia, his closing advice at the time seems sensible.

Don’t make a judgment based on what you are hearing from the mainstream media propaganda outlets.

He said these governments and their media had “destroyed our democracy” under lockdown. It is now evidence of antisemitism to say so.

LifeSiteNews approached Kurten for comment. He was proud to be cited in the “laughable” report, saying “it is a badge of [honor] to be singled out by globalists in the fight for truth and freedom.”

Kurten explained the use of the antisemitic slur as a desperate technique to re-establish narrative control by a deeply unpopular regime.

What they call ‘antisemitic conspiracy theories’, such as pointing out the corruption of Zelensky regime in Ukraine, replacement migration and geo-engineering, have all been proven to be true, and the knowledge of these things is a threat to their tyrannical hegemony.

“Smears like ‘antisemitism’, ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ are psychological techniques to [ostracize] and silence people with opinions that globalists do not like,” Kurten told LifeSiteNews by email.

“They are rapidly losing their power however, as millions of people can now see through their lies and deceptions,” he said, noting the ridiculous nature of the new guidelines for MPs present and future. 

“Thus they are resorting to ever more desperate means to try and control the narrative such as publishing their laughable Guide to Conspiracy Theories for UK MPs.”

‘© 2020 Antisemitism’

The report was authored by, an organization which, despite publishing no details of its funding or backers, enjoys top-level access to U.K. Members of Parliament and to election candidates.

Its only citation is to refer to itself at the bottom of its website, in a note which reads, “© 2020 Antisemitism.”

Its parent company is also a charity, and is called “Antisemitism Policy Trust” (APT), whose page at the register of U.K. companies shows it was founded in 2001 as “The Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism.” Why would a private company call itself this? 

Nine years later it changed its name, adding the word “Foundation.” It has members of Parliament past and present as its directors, along with members of the House of Lords.

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Sir Trevor Pears is one, whose wealth sponsors “Israel Studies” in British universities, and whose Pears Foundation finances advocacy for Israel in many forms – including backing BIRAX, a joint U.K.-Israel government academic project to undermine the boycott of Israel. The Rothschild’s Yad Hanadiv group also funded the project. 

The late Lord Archer of Sandwell is still listed as a “person having significant control” of the APT. He was the former treasurer of Labour Friends of Israel (LFI), a group which has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Labour Party but which refuses to answer questions on where and from whom it gets its financial power. 

“Who Funds Labour Friends of Israel, and Why Won’t It Say?” asked this January 2024 report from Declassified, which also notes “73 Labour MPs and 37 Lords are associated with LFI.”

Indicating a major influence on U.K. foreign policy, it says the “current and all seven recent shadow foreign secretaries have been members of LFI or financially supported by the pro-Israel lobby.” 

According to one former minister, “for years… LFI have worked with – even for – the Israeli embassy to promote Israeli policy” and undermine “the actions of ministers who try to defend Palestinian rights.”

The Conservative Party has a similar group, described in this video report as “Britain’s most dangerous lobby group.” 

Former Conservative leader Liz Truss proudly announced she was a “huge Zionist” to a meeting of the group in October 2022, during her brief tenure as prime minister.

Current Foreign Secretary David Cameron is a self-described Zionist, whose Ukraine flag vanished from his X (formerly Twitter) profile around the same time he remembered international law – during recent weeks, as the International Criminal Court (ICC) moved to issue arrest warrants for the Israeli leadership.

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The U.K. secretary of defense, Grant Shapps, is a former head of a North London Branch of B’nai B’rith, an organisation “teaching [Jewish] youth Zionist ideals”, according to its worldwide president in 2018. 

Shapps is a firm advocate of the war in Ukraine and refused to suspend arms sales to Israel as its genocide escalated in April 2024. 

The report notes that the British government has responded to the ongoing genocide in Gaza by “suspending aid to the main humanitarian [organization]” supporting Palestinians. 

At the time of writing, U.K. government aid to the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) remains suspended, joining only the U.S. and Switzerland. Israeli accusations that UNWRA “was Hamas” led to the ban, initially supported by many Western nations. Israel, however, supplied no evidence for the claims, and the ban was lifted.

Israel responded by blockading all aid to northern Gaza.

On May 20, the ICC announced applications for arrest warrants for Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli army chief Yoav Gallant on charges of war crimes.

If the warrants are approved by the Court, prosecutor Karim Khan QC says “I will work… to apprehend the named individuals.”

Warrants are also sought for leaders of Hamas.

When international law is ‘antisemitic’

The initial suggestion that the ICC would seek to hold Netanyahu and his government personally accountable for what it calls “the deliberate starvation of civilians as a method of warfare” as well as their targeting and killing saw Netanyahu denounce the court as “antisemitic.”

Netanyahu said this again in April:

He went on to cite the Holocaust, in an attempt to disgrace the court and disguise the atrocities he is directing in Gaza. 

U.S. President Joe Biden responded by calling the move to issue arrest warrants – for the leaders of Israel as well as Hamas – “outrageous.” His statement was published by the White House on May 20 – the same day as that of the ICC. 

The ICC prosecutor’s application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders is outrageous. And let me be clear: whatever this prosecutor might imply, there is no equivalence – none – between Israel and Hamas. We will always stand with Israel against threats to its security.

The antisemitism industry

The use of antisemitism to gain money and political power has a long pedigree.  

The late Jewish political scholar Irving Kristol wrote in the 1990s that he considered “antisemitism” a means of fundraising and power-seeking, advanced by grievance groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). It has succeeded, he said in “The Future of American Jewry,” in realizing the “common faith” of John Dewey through “Judeo-Christian values.”

This common faith is what we have come to call ‘liberalism,’ its exemplary institution being the American Civil Liberties Union.

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He said in this 1991 essay that a feared antisemitic wave had not broken on the West after World War Two and warned that the influence gained by its weaponization would lead to a backlash. 

It was Irving Kristol, father to neocon Bill, who warned that the creation of the specter of antisemitism to secure power would realize a once imaginary danger.

It is now recognized by contemporary Jewish scholars and journalists that both “antisemitism” – and the mention of the Holocaust – are used to shield Israel and its supporters from criticism of their actions.

This is the reason that reports of “antisemitism” peak whenever Israel commits a round of atrocities.

On March 23, as international outrage mounted over the starvation of the Palestinians and a feared assault on the population sheltering in Rafah, the Anti-Defamation League published a report claiming “the highest levels of antisemitism since 1979.”

This is only one dimension of the ADL’s influence. In recent years, it has “ramped up spending” with a “16-fold increase” in lobbying for Israel, making it the “largest pro-Israel force on Capitol Hill.”

This May 15 report from The Guardian shows how the ADL has lobbied Congress to pass the recent Antisemitism Awareness Act and supported moves which led to the banning of TikTok in the U.S. for above all allowing free speech on developments in Gaza.

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The House in late April approved the Antisemitism Awareness Act, which the ADL lobbied for and would codify a definition of antisemitism that would limit some speech around Israel.

The report went on:

It would be used in federal civil rights investigations in schools and, critics say, could ultimately limit protests and criticism of Israel on campus. The bill has yet to come before the Senate for a vote.

Critics such as Stefanie Fox, from Jewish Voice for Peace, say the ADL is seeking to criminalize opposition to Israel’s genocide. 

She told The Guardian that the bill highlights how the ADL has “set up the arguments through lies in the mainstream media … and on the lobbying side sets up the architecture by which those things can be laundered into real criminalization of the anti-war movement.”

Israel, the ADL, and AIPAC want to shut down promotion of articles such as the ifpnews report “Rights group says Israel has killed 560 people in attacks involving aid convoys in Gaza and the Grayzone’s shocking video report “‘Kill them all’: inside the Israeli blockade on Gaza aid.”

With world and public opinion firmly against Israel, the actions of the ADL are anti-democratic, Fox added, saying the ADL “uses their power and resources in an attempt to maintain unjust policy against the will of the people.”

In Judge Napolitano’s May 21 interview with Colonel Douglas Macgregor, the retired colonel related how much Israel is the tail wagging the dog of U.S. government and military policies.

How anti-Zionism became antisemitism

The moves to silence and criminalize criticism of Israel comes two years after the ADL’s head, Jonathan Greenblatt, made a speech which said anti-Zionism was antisemitic. 

Greenblatt claimed that 2021 had also seen 2,717 “antisemitic incidents – the highest number we’ve ever recorded.

He immediately connected the rise in these “incidents” to criticism of the Zionist regime in Israel. 

To those who still cling to the idea that anti-Zionism is not antisemitism, let me clarify this for you as clearly as I can: anti-Zionism is antisemitism. 

I will repeat: anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

The man at the head of the most powerful antisemitism franchise described opposition to the toxic Jewish supremacy and genocide of the current Israeli regime as “shocking intolerance.”

Antizionism as an ideology is rooted in rage.  

It is predicated on one concept: the negation of another people, a concept as alien to the modern discourse as white supremacy.

The current Zionism of the Netanyahu cabinet is pursuing Jewish supremacy. A 2015 law made under Netanyahu deprives all non-Jews of sovereign rights, for example, whilst the military operation and starvation are clearly aimed at eliminating non-Jews from Israel.

Greenblatt went on:

[Anti-Zionism] requires a willful denial of even a superficial history of Judaism and the vast history of the Jewish people. And, when an idea is born out of such shocking intolerance, it leads to, well, shocking acts. 

The shocking acts to which he refers include criticism of Israel’s actions, which he has successfully managed to re-frame as a sort of crime in itself.

The antisemitism industry

Nazareth-based Jewish journalist Jonathan Cook has provided a telling summary of this lobby and its strategy of smearing dissent. He said in a March 14 piece that the “Antisemitism Industry doesn’t speak for Jews. It speaks for western elites.” 

He describes how a Jewish filmmaker, Jonathan Glazer, was attacked for criticizing Israel’s “[weaponization] of the Holocaust” in his Oscar acceptance speech. 

Cook said of Glazer, whose film The Zone of Interest won the Oscar for best international feature: In his acceptance speech, he denounced the hijacking of Jewishness and the Holocaust that has sustained Israel’s occupation over many decades and generated constant new victims, including the latest…” 

Cook went on, referring to Professor Norman Finkelstein, who has suffered sustained attacks for his decades-long criticism of Israel.

“In doing so, he threatened, like Finkelstein before him, to expose the fact that these antisemitism witchfinder generals are dangerous charlatans, conmen in the true sense.”  

Cook pointed out that any Jew who stands against the crimes of Israel and its “antisemitism industry” is vilified. 

Anyone who challenges the Antisemitism Industry’s – and therefore Israel’s – stranglehold on Jewish representation in public life is hounded as an antisemite or self-hating Jew, as is currently happening most prominently to Jewish film-maker Jonathan Glazer.

The Holocaust industry

The enormous power of this “industry” was documented over 20 years ago by the Jewish academic Professor Norman Finkelstein, in a book which directly inspired Cook’s term.

Following the publication of his 2000 book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz campaigned to block Finkelstein from securing a tenured professorship, which was successful.

For 24 years Finkelstein has argued that the Holocaust, from which his parents fled, is exploited for financial and political gain by the Israeli leadership and its lobby abroad, who seek to give Israel “immunity from criticism.”

In the book, he describes Israel as “one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record,” and the use of the Holocaust permits it “[to] cast itself as a victim state.”

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In a 2010 interview concerning the book, he said a “handful of American Jews have effectively hijacked the Nazi Holocaust” to “divert attention from what is being done to the Palestinians.”

Finkelstein described Israel as a “lunatic state” in 2009, saying that it wanted constant war. His remarks came ahead of the warning of a former Israeli soldier, who claimed in May 2009 that “Israel [has] brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe.”

“I think Israel, as a number of commentators pointed out, is becoming an insane state,” said Finkelstein in January 2009, in a piece titled “Israel is Committing a Holocaust in Gaza.”

And we have to be honest about that. While the rest of the world wants peace, Europe wants peace, the U.S. wants peace, but this state wants war, war and war.

Finkelstein’s remarks could easily have been made at any time in the last six months.

In the first week of the massacres, there were reports in the Israeli press that Israel did not want to put all its ground forces in Gaza because it was preparing attacks on Iran. Then there were reports it was planning attacks on Lebanon. It is a lunatic state.

A U.K. Labour MP was suspended for having posted an image which Finkelstein had shared himself, describing it as “funny” in a 2016 interview.

He explained why he once held up a sign describing the killing of “18,000 Palestinian and Lebanese, mostly civilians,” demanding “Nazi Israel, Stop the Holocaust in Lebanon”:

If you invoked that analogy, it shook Jews, it jolted them enough, that at least you got their attention. I don’t think it’s necessary anymore, because Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians now have an integrity of their own. They no longer have to be juxtaposed to, or against, the Nazi holocaust. Today, the Nazi analogy is gratuitous and a distraction.

Finkelstein said this eight years ago, long before the current starvation and assault on the Palestinians in Gaza. According to Finkelstein, the massacre of the Palestinians and the use of “antisemitism” and the use of the Holocaust to excuse it is simply business as usual for the Zionists.

When anti-vaxx is ‘antisemitic’

U.K. MP Andrew Bridgen was expelled from the British Conservative Party for his outspoken position on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Bridgen quoted a source in an X post whose publication would see him removed from the ruling party.

As one consultant cardiologist said to me, this is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.

This Jewish son of Holocaust victims was called an antisemite and “condemned by Jewish groups.” His claims about vaccine injury, deaths, and the culture of silence around this “crime against humanity” in the British government and opposition were engulfed by a wave of manufactured horror that he would compare the impact of the injections to the Holocaust.

Matt Hancock, who as U.K. health secretary under lockdown aggressively promoted the so-called “vaccines,” said “the disgusting and dangerous anti-semitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories spouted by a sitting MP this morning are unacceptable and have absolutely no place in our society.”

The “antisemitic” slur here was successfully invoked to silence and punish one of the few politicians willing to question the COVID regime.

It was shamefully employed to shield the guilty both from justice and from the outrage of the victims of state policy, which, as with the Zionist lobby, enriches the corrupt politicians who defend it.

Spreading lies 

Joe Biden most recently evoked Holocaust imagery in referring to photos of people burned with kerosene. Jewish independent journalist Max Blumenthal pointed out that, yet again, Joe Biden was repeating Zionist lies, using atrocity propaganda inspired by the Holocaust in defense of an ongoing genocide.

On May 20, speaking at Morehouse College, “Joe Biden falsely claimed he ‘saw pictures of [Palestinians] tying a mother and a daughter in a rope, pouring kerosene on them, burning them and watching as they died.’”

Blumenthal noted that “no such photos exist,” before saying this was “yet another sickening lie to justify Israel’s genocide.”

On December 14, The Intercept reported that Biden “keeps repeating his false claim that he saw pictures of beheaded babies,” despite the White House staff warning him there was no evidence of the claims.

As with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Biden simply repeats atrocity propaganda he receives from the Israeli government. To do this is to mislead the American people with shocking but fabricated images designed to justify a sustained campaign of death and destruction which would otherwise be unthinkable.

Evidence is not a part of this story, as we have seen in the Israeli- led destruction of Libya, of Iraq, and the ongoing campaign to start a war with Iran.

Decades of destruction

Netanyahu’s 2001 remark that the terror attacks on September 11 were “good for Israel” is not well known outside the Zionist nation.

Netanyahu falsely claimed in this 1990 television interview that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons:

He has long campaigned to convince the American government and people to use their military might to destroy Libya, Iraq, and Iran to advance the Zionist expansionist agenda. His first two wishes, forcefully expressed in this U.S. Congressional Hearing in 2002, have been granted.

Without evidence, he urged Congress to “act” on the “fact – this is not a hypothesis” that “Iraq, Iran, and Libya are racing to develop nuclear weapons.”

No weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq. The claim they and the Libyans possessed them was invented by Netanyahu. In 2015, Senator John Kerry reminded Congress that it was Netanyahu who urged the U.S. to launch a war on Iraq in 2002.

Netanyahu played a huge role in instigating that war that cost thousands of American military lives, almost a million Iraqi lives, and over a trillion dollars of U.S. military expense.

He does so in this video of the extraordinary hearing broadcast by C-SPAN:

The result of these two Zionist-inspired wars has been, contrary to Netanyahu’s stated, self-serving assertions, death, destruction, migration waves, and the expansion of Iranian influence.

Netanyahu’s strategy appears identical to that described by Norman Finkelstein – leading a state that wants “war, war, war,” whilst using past horrors to shield itself from criticism.

On May 6, the AP reported that “Netanyahu uses Holocaust ceremony to brush off international pressure against Gaza offensive”

The Israeli leader spoke boldly that “if Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.”

It is bizarre he should say so, which is also business as usual. Of course, Israel does not stand alone. Its wars have been fought and supplied by the U.S. and its allies for decades. Its lobby astonishingly directs a large portion of U.S. and U.K. foreign policy. Through the “antisemitism industry” it shapes laws which criminalze any reasonable description of its actions, and it now denounces the Gospel, the law, and any opposition to anything as “antisemitic.”

It is not Israel which stands alone. It is the people of the world, including numerous anti-Zionist Jews, whose leaders have abandoned them for the Zionists in Israel. They find themselves friendless, even homeless, and branded as criminals and extremists for speaking out.

With a powerful lobby behind him in the U.S. and the U.K., Netanyahu and the Zionists have managed to change the regimes in the West as well.

The Zionist lobby is the number one threat to the freedom of religion, of thought and of speech. It is using its huge influence to destroy democracy, framing any and every narrative critical of the liberal-globalist regime as “antisemitic.”

According to its own definition, anyone and anything the government does not like is now antisemitic.

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