‘Miracle at Play’: Parents Point to God After Young Daughters Revived from Drowning

Parents in northernmost Oklahoma are crediting God for miraculously intervening after their two young daughters survived a horrific near-drowning incident.

“We do believe God was there,” Jacob McKnight, the little girls’ father, told KWTV-DT. “We believe that there’s a miracle at play.”

The McKnights — who have three girls, 4-year-old Callie, 6-year-old Zoey, 1-year-old Eleanor, and another on the way — were visiting Jacob’s sister in Edmond, Oklahoma, when the terrifying incident unfolded.

“From 2:00 to 5:00, we were all out there together — me and all of the girls,” recalled Caitlin McKnight. “Ellie came in to say ‘hi’ to daddy because she heard him talking, and I followed. I went back out [and] noticed that I didn’t see [my two older daughters].”

Immediately, Caitlin and Jacob McKnight began frantically searching the property.

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“I’m starting to get pretty panicked at this point,” Jacob said of the harrowing ordeal. “I assumed the worst, so I ran over to the pool, and I could see — crystal clear — I saw them at the bottom of the pool.”

The young girls were in the deepest point of the pool, 10 feet below the surface.

The fact that Jacob McKnight was able to see his daughters through the murky water and pull them from 10 feet underwater was, in itself, a miracle. As soon as the girls were out of the water, they began CPR.

“They were dead,” he recalled. “But our medical team, with their knowledge, wisdom, and equipment, were able to bring them back. We feel so blessed to be at this hospital.”

Although the girls both suffered extreme inflammation in their lungs, the McKnights said their daughters are improving.

“Both of them are awake and obviously they still can’t talk because they’ve got the ventilator but they’ve both opened their eyes they’ve both responded to questions yes, no, both have smiled,” said Caitlin McKnight. “It’s just really encouraging to see my girls are in there and they’re fighting.”

Jacob McKnight, for his part, encouraged all parents to have CPR training.

“You need CPR training if you have kids because you never know when literally it’s between life and death,” he said. “We believe this was a miracle.”

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