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Is there a curse behind the mysterious death of the Iranian president?

“Ebrahim, the name comes from Abraham,” Cahn says. “He was named after the father of the Jewish people and yet he was an enemy of the Jewish people.”

This name is powerful because it goes into the Abrahamic blessing and cursing found in Genesis:

“I will bless them who bless you and curse him who curses you, and in you all families of the earth will be blessed,” (Gen. 12:3).

Ebrahim decided to go against the ultimate blessing of this name, cursing the Jewish people by sending his attack against Israel.

Cahn says this curse that brought down Raisi also has a specific timeline as well.

“He was killed in May. It was just one month before that that he [Raisi] presided over the striking of Israel, the launching of 350 missiles into the land of Israel, the first Iranian leader ever to do so. And one month later, he’s struck down,” Cahn says.

Just as Raisi sent destruction through the skies to Israel with missile strikes, Raisi himself was then brought down while in a helicopter, reaching his ultimate fate.

“He sought death by the crashing of an object. Now death came to him by crashing into the earth,” Cahn says.

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