6 Powerful Fourth of July Prayers to Pray Over America

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The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and it is the perfect time to pray for our country, our freedom, and our safety. While the Fourth of July is just another holiday for many people, it actually represents the freedom we have in America. By breaking away from England, we were able to have true freedom to speak, live, and believe. When we reflect on the Fourth of July this year, we need to remember to pray over this holiday and praise the Lord for giving us a wonderful country to call home.

Countless men and women have lost their lives in order to preserve our freedom. Rather than turning a deaf ear to this knowledge or pretending as though it is nothing major, we need to remember those who have fallen, as well as their families. The Fourth of July only exists because we are a free country. Not every country has this privilege and blessing, therefore, we must not forget where we have come from. Through the dedication of men and women, America remains free and as Christians, it is a safe place to practice our faith. 

In order to preserve this freedom, we need to continue to pray to the Lord and ask for His help in guiding our country. The Lord is faithful and He will answer our prayers in accordance with His will (Romans 8:28). If you are not sure how to pray over this upcoming Fourth of July holiday, you have come to the right place. Here are six prayers to use on the Fourth of July as ways to pray over our beautiful country, America.

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